Don’t be afraid to start from SCRATCH

SCRATCH. Something. Challenge. Responsibility. Adventure. Time. Connection. Home. Something. just one thing to inspire you. Challenge. A curiosity for a new challenge to use your innate and learned abilities. Responsibility. A responsibility of being human, being a person in this world that can make a difference. Adventure. Of course, adventure of the unknown the whatContinue reading “Don’t be afraid to start from SCRATCH”


Our monthly “friend” or “foe”? Power or Excuse. Well, really it’s up to you, ladies. FE says a huge “two guns up” to GIRL POWER!  Use your girl power as a power advantage and learn to flow with your flow.  This great article from T-Nation breaks down the types of activity and nutrients your bodyContinue reading “HEY LADIES! FLOW WITH THE FLOW”


It’s URGENT! I just saw a water bottle that lights up intermittently to remind you to drink water, Track your water, track your steps, track your food, track your sleep? Since when did we become so dependent on technology to track our BASIC NEEDS? And since when did we need a tracker to teach usContinue reading “URGENT NOTICE FROM YOUR BODY!”

Resolutions: Wonderful Intentions gone wrong by Thomas Pappalardo Jr.

Resolutions: Wonderful Intentions gone wrong Why is there an 80% failure rate for New Year’s resolutions? Why do such strong, enthusiastic intentions become nothing more than depressing, deflated war stories? For one, why do we wait until New Year’s to make these life altering decisions? Was someone or something stopping us before?  Do we honestlyContinue reading “Resolutions: Wonderful Intentions gone wrong by Thomas Pappalardo Jr.”


Kathy’s Butternut squash black bean quesadilla! Ingredients: – 4 cups of cubed butternut squash -2 Tbs olive oil -1 medium onion -1 can black beans -2 tbs of water -1/2 tsp cumin -1/2 tsp cayenne -1/2 tsp oregano – Salt and Pepper -Burrito size tortillas (SUBSTITUTE-omelet (eggs) for tortilla for a gluten free) – CheeseContinue reading “FE RECIPE OF THE WEEK!”

Switch liFE do you wish to live?

If the switch is untouched the room remains dark, if the switch is stuck in the center, the room still has no light.  The only time there is light is when you turn the switch on.  The largest room is the room for improvement and if you want to light that room you’re going toContinue reading “Switch liFE do you wish to live?”

FEel better from the inside out!

Ever wonder if your MOO-d swings were related to what you eat?  Ever ask yourself why you feel so down after a meal abundant in wheat or dairy? Here are a few articles and TED Talks to get that mind thinking in terms of healing your body in all ways! Healthy mind…healthy habits…healthier body! Don’tContinue reading “FEel better from the inside out!”