Business Inquiry

Be a part of the team

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own Personal Training or Fitness Business?

Hello! I am Kristen, owner and self-starter of Fitness Elite personal training studio.  I am looking for fellow driven minds and hardworking bodies who wish to have a great place to optimize their business success. I opened the studio with the desire to share it with other dedicated fitness entrepreneurs.  At Fitness Elite, your only responsibility will be to grow your current business with dedication and care for sharing your passion with others!

If you have great passion for changing lives and having a great team to support you as you build your business, do not hesitate to begin making your dream come true starting now.  Call or text me (908) 295-8917 and I will be happy to tour you around the facility that could be yours.

You will love to have “your own space” to  maintain and build your clientele and pursue your passion in a professional environment. Set your own ceiling of income. Your financial growth is yours to keep!

Studio Features

Fitness Elite Studio provides the entire studio, equipment and tools you need to support your business needs and desires. Come check our studio out to see the facility and all our options for growing your business! Most importantly we are a place of good vibes and the greatest of driven fitness coaches to network with and share our passions together!

Rental fee to be discussed prior to start-up as well as more benefits as a training coach at FE!

Why FE is different

Our studio is a place where the best trainers can develop their passion for helping people. The privacy and personality of the Fitness Elite Studio makes it the best place for knowledge to be spread, focus to flourish and results to thrive.  We welcome all trainers of talent and great skill to bring their best foot forward in establishing their growing business and passion for helping others.

I as owner of Fitness Elite live by my training,  live for my training and live to constantly improve and maximize my clients performance, happiness and continuing progress in their healthy lives.  My goal is to share the feeling with my fellow personal trainers who feel the same and want the opportunity to create their own growth in a place where they can be their own boss, and reap the benefits of their own hard work.

Looking forward to giving you a grand tour of the possibilities that lie ahead!