Don’t be afraid to start from SCRATCH


Something. Challenge. Responsibility. Adventure. Time. Connection. Home.

Something. just one thing to inspire you.

Challenge. A curiosity for a new challenge to use your innate and learned abilities.

Responsibility. A responsibility of being human, being a person in this world that can make a difference.

Adventure. Of course, adventure of the unknown the what if’s and the why nots?

Time. Everyone’s got it for now, but what are we going to do with the time that we have. What can we make of that time we are given.

Connection. If it weren’t for one. There I would stand as one. Enough said. Family, friends, strangers, people. Human power and kryptonite is the ability or inability to build a connection.

Home. We all have one that has made us who we are. Who has built the love or the resentment that got us making decisions for ourselves. Home where the heart is. You can look at this place in many ways, this sentence in two. Is your heart at home, your birth place, your stomping ground, your childhood, or is it with you in your heart; wherever you are now, wherever you decide to share your love. Whatever you continue to put your heart into. I choose to look at it this way after many years of thinking my heart was in the past. It’s currently in all I choose to put it in. My family, my business, my purpose, my love for animals and adventure, my love for finding true love. It’s with me and in those. Home is where you put your heart.

All life is made out of scratch
Always be willing to try your best again. To keep going at it, to keep starting from some point and knowing that if you do find yourself starting from scratch again, that it’s perfectly okay. Because that’s where all great things begin. And begin again. From S.C.R.A.T.C.H we all have our own defining moments of where scratch is. Some of us have been there more than once and this has built our character and our confidence to fight fear when fear arises and to instead choose curiosity in the challenge of where a new start takes us. Grateful for the lessons we have received from the years, moments, battles and decisions that have gotten us to a new scratch. A new scar is formed but over it a fresh new tougher skin, that’s ready to jump again. Ready to feel again, to love again, to commit again, to decide again even better and stronger and more vulnerable at the same time. Vulnerable with the zest of the same curiosity that got us here in the first place. Although this time it’s a little more energetic a little more positive, a little more seasoned. Experienced with who we are inside and what’s important to us and what we are made of. Resilience. Pure and raw resilience, back to instinct, back to grounding, closer to our natural state of being, safer. But safer only in the sense that we are more aware, more knowledgeable, more in love with understanding instead of blaming. Mature only in mind and still pouring out our inner child’s enthusiasm for adventure. And we find ourselves living again, loving again, being free again. SCRATCH. Everyone’s got it, that place deep inside, that place where ironically there was an untouched surface of being, a smooth virgin instinct, a natural unconditioned infant. A ground un-cracked, unbroken, untouched. A place where all dreams can stand tall without falling through. We have it, it’s still there, covered a bit, maybe a lot, but just blanketed. Blanketed by conditions, rules, pain and heart breaks. The only thing we forget to do sometimes is unveil that ground. When the blankets get too heavy and relentless we feel suffocated and begin to rip and tear at them, damn they are difficult to lift, but I can’t breathe, keep digging. We will be taught to dig, we will learn what blankets have been suffocating our peace, we will know what lies beneath through hurt, through pain, through challenge and curiosity, through self care and care for more. We will find our SCRATCH and begin again. In the end there is always a new beginning. Or is it what lies in our BEginnING lets us find our end. Maybe the end is just an end to blanketing who we always were. You will find your truth that sets you free. Don’t be afraid to start from SCRATCH.

This was mine in one sense at one time, a computer image stolen from clip art and a black and white image that stood for: I have no idea what I’ve gotten myself into all I know is that I want to learn the best I could to do my best at making people feel like a VIP. All it was, was a piece of SCRATCH. That now I would never have changed as I look forward to staying true to that same feeling I had to do my best.


Our monthly “friend” or “foe”? Power or Excuse. Well, really it’s up to you, ladies.

FE says a huge “two guns up” to GIRL POWER!  Use your girl power as a power advantage and learn to flow with your flow.  This great article from T-Nation breaks down the types of activity and nutrients your body will require throughout the different stages of your cycle.  As far as we think, you should keep your friends aka “hormones” in mind all the time!

Just like some friends are going to be the ones you go clubbing with and partying with and others compliment those great ‘chill back with some tea days’, your hormones can indicate the times you are most likely to be PR ready and the other days when Animal Flow is the way to go.  Read up and don’t weep, just get ready to utilize your GIRL POWER and TURN ON YOUR GREATNESS, because there’s absolutely NO EXCUSES when you are prepared to use what your given to the best of your knowledge and capability!

It’s time to show the guys what “QUIT being a girl” truly stands for.  ABSOLUTELY NO QUIT and ALL …”damn that girl is strong!”




ARTICLE: Training During Your Cycle- T-Nation



-Kristen Pappalardo

Fitness Elite


How do you?

Let me preface this by saying as a fitness trainer these are questions we all hear from time to time because of our expertise and passion for fitness. I am by no means saying I am at my peak of fitness/optimal performance of a healthy lifestyle; I am simply sharing my experience and what I have personally learned so far and continue to seek to improve in mind and body and help others with a new perspective on health and goals.


How do you stay fit?

I move my body, and I open my mind. I fail, I seek to be better, I cry, I hate myself, I love myself, I lost, I gained, I fall again and I get up to learn what I have to do to stand taller and walk stronger.

What do you eat?

Food, anything that makes me feel good and healthy and sometimes that means spaghetti and meatballs. I don’t count calories, measure by cup or eat with my emotions any longer, I learned that makes me feel more out of control and brings on more stress in my own life more frequently than a one time binge. I know the foods that my body doesn’t like by listening to my body, bloating, headaches, fatigue and I know the foods that keeps me feeling light and energetic and mentally sound. My schedule doesn’t rule my meal plan, the plan to feel good runs my days of food, fun and movement. Food for me was an escape from anxiety and pity, it meant covering and burying whatever was taking away my taste of life. I have a much better relationship with food after seeking more mindset and confidence building books, being around healthy people and surrounding myself with positivity and most of all learning to leave/avoid a negative situation that may trigger a collapse of commitment to my confidence and focus.

What is your workout regimen?

I move depending on how my body wants to get into it that day, sure I am knowledgeable about the ways to move with resistance but some days the resistance of my couch was enough to make me struggle and so just getting up that day turning on music and playing around meant I got my workout in. In all of us there’s a diva, there’s an insecure little person, there’s a beautiful experiment of life waiting to happen, it’s just up to us how we respond to who comes out that day. And if we want that person to feel good throughout life we will listen to the deep pain, ache, love and sureness of that little voice who wants to grow and we will nurture it with activity and good nutrition instead of burying it under pity and pasts.
I am in the best health, mentally and physically I have ever been and in no means am I where I want to be. I’m not living in the place I want to live, I don’t have the relationships with some people I’d like to have, I still at times compare myself to others, I don’t have the financial status I desire, I don’t have as strong of faith that I would love to have, but I am the best I’ve ever been and because of my lifestyle and desire to be and because I care to make value of my life to others, tomorrow I will be better than the best I’ve ever been.



I just saw a water bottle that lights up intermittently to remind you to drink water,

Track your water, track your steps, track your food, track your sleep?

Since when did we become so dependent on technology to track our BASIC NEEDS? And since when did we need a tracker to teach us the importance and URGENCY of a quality life.

We’ve all gotten them before IT’S URGENT: pay your bill! IT’S URGENT: get an oil change! I guess now: IT’S URGENT drink some water. What’s next? IT’S URGENT: Breathe!
Oh wait…👆they already have that one too.

special mouse


Which leads me to think;
Is the need for the next tracking device and excuse more URGENT than the that of our basic needs?
Why are we not as URGENT to prioritize our quality of life?

Do you need a tracker to remind you to care for the one life you have…just when it becomes URGENT ENOUGH?

Water: need
Food: need
Movement: need
Sleep: need
Nurture: need

A water bottle blinking tracker? Have you ever seen a plant that didn’t get enough water? Think about those leaves as your organs, fascial tissues, and brain. Try feeding that plant a Diet Coke, or try reacting with food to a misread thirst signal of hunger, because when you’ve deprived your body of hydration, our brain can’t think enough to ask you for a proper glass of water instead of a unfulfilling snack. If you don’t care enough about your needs and you wait till the URGENT light blinks, you’re not aware enough to care and you’re leaving your self-care up to chance. Poor nutrition cycle begins.

Calorie counter, food tracker: Track your entire day of excess just so you confirm the days you were actually consciously eating. Food… our fuel for walking, talking, exploring and overall energy becomes food… our friend in my desk drawer making up for the emptiness of teamwork and the lack of balance between work and play and the ‘boringness’ of the office shuffle. 1 potato chip, 2 potato chip 3 potato chip, bag. Well at least your fit-tracker is getting movement as you move your hand to your mouth 50 chips later.

For most of us, we are at work for the majority of our lives and most of the time we have an untapped potential for a great buddy-system and support system from people who share the same kind of days. But as long as we have our desk drawer snack friend to avoid the fear of changing the popular “work sucks” perspective, we are filled with complacency, work pressure and the illusion of being alone.

Our coworkers are our companions for most of our days, you can chose to make it pleasant and maybe even fun?! or make it half way into a bag of Doritos everyday and talk about how work sucks when you get home, dragging ‘the suck’ to damper your home atmosphere.   Now I’m going to pull a SAT test question:

Food is to friend
Band-aid is to broken leg



Food is to feeling energy
Sun is to growing plant

Food is your sun and will always be lighting the path to your next move. It is the gateway to taking your body through life. Life keeps moving, in order to experience all the movements your life has to offer, you need the energy good food provides to be able to move with it.
Sun was not man-made for the plants and
Humans were never dependent on eating man-made food.

In the newly coined “law of non-essentials”: the need is created as we provide it.
Dependency on excess food (nonessential) is a need (craving) created by us.

Filling your stomach will only leave a larger space for emotional emptiness to be fed, When your basic needs are cared for, filling has no purpose and instead we are fueled with passion for living a full life. The best practice of fill-ing anything should be in PHILANTHROPY.

How many steps today? Count your steps just in case you forgot to move today. If you get 10,000 steps despite the excess of sugar and saturated fats you eat today, your heart will keep working for you! Right? Notttt so fast…

I’m not quite sure if counting steps is the appropriate match for the type of stress that has you holding your breath in, red faced and tense during high stress days. Let’s not even get into the amount of hip stiffness and forward head posture build up the hours of sitting has on restricting your overall movement. And on top of that, the toll post- work snack “decompression binge” and post work couch potato habits take on your body. Does the excess fat that restricts your heart’s pathways for pumping oxygen to the rest of your body really go away with meeting your step goals everyday? Step out of your own way and embrace the bigger picture of health. You want to move freely? You want to move without pain and restriction, then…Move.

Movement whether in terms of mental growth or physical action is essential to embracing life’s experiences in order to bring you a quality life.

Tracking steps may be a step towards building conscious, healthier habits but if we make it the reason we are moving, then let’s just say the lifespan of our new healthy habits and consistency of keeping them up, will be dependent on battery life.  

R.E.M. Must be short for Remember? “Do you remember the last time you shut off the tv to get enough sleep? Do you remember the next to-do item on your list? Did you remember from your sleepy and foggy mind to bring your list?

But you do remember the last time you said “I’m so tired” or the last time you chose to check Facebook drama before you got some rest, or the last time you chose to watch your favorite binge shows despite having to wake up in 4 hours or the last time you caught yourself wrist deep in a bag of pretzels 2 seconds before you pass out on the couch with salt crystals still stuck to your face. (Last night?)

SLEEP is the coolant for your brain and body. Overwork, overrun, overheat and your asking for a system shutdown. Choices will be left up to chance and your decisions left vulnerable to facilitated versions of life and voila! poor habits are formed as a default of poor sleep.

From infancy, this is probably the one forgotten basic need we require in adulthood as much as when we were infants. Love comes and goes with blind dates and a strong tequila. Nurture on the other hand, is nature’s fuel. Our first conscious feeling and the feeling that keeps on giving.

Whether we remember or not, whether it was received or not, the need grows with our need for a more mature security. If it is gifted to us by parental “instincts” we have begun a life fulfilled, if it is withheld by “lack of instincts” we have unfulfilled our first basic need with an empty replacement. And with each little memory we grow with experiences of our basic needs either being fulfilled or being replaced. Habits form and urgency transpires for those whose needs are not met time after time.

Which leads me to my next question?

Where is the tracker to tell us when we are overflowing with “fillers.” Fillers: the excuses we create that keep us from living a quality life (fulfilled life). Not in stores near you? 

How about back-“tracking”?

Remembering that we are human, remembering our instincts. Prioritizing our basic needs before we get the blinking light or the URGENT CARE slapped in front of our face.  

As humans we were created with such amazing qualities, talents and ideas that lead us far superior to any other species created, but….with the power of  self-evolution comes the power to create choices and ability to choose for better or worse. Due to the immense options we humans have created, awareness of what’s a basic need is replaced by confusion of what is needed and not. And so begins the trend. The quote on quote potentially most intelligent of the world becomes potentially crippled by its own right to choose habits A (fulfilled life, self-awareness, superior animal, better operating human) habits B (full, filled and overwhelmed, and looking outward for our answers to a quality life.)

The beautiful thing about nurture is as we mature, our instinct to nurture (Self or others) grows stronger than the need for nurture by an outside stimulus. Nurture can be found as close as your next quality choice. When your basic needs are understood and good choices are made, your fight for survival is subsided. The urgency for basic health is at peace and your system is in balance for you to build upon your perspective and quality of life.

Instead of IT’S URGENT drink water it will be…IT’S URGENT your next adventure awaits you.

BE BASIC…look at the bigger picture of your health and happiness in a simple, minimalist approach and change the perspective of your goals with an open mind to create a fulfilled “way of life.” Sporadic urgency alerts will be replaced by patterns of consistency and developing good habits and Tracker devices replaced by being “on track” with feeling more at peace with your “way of life” choices.  

Resolutions: Wonderful Intentions gone wrong by Thomas Pappalardo Jr.

Resolutions: Wonderful Intentions gone wrong

Why is there an 80% failure rate for New Year’s resolutions? Why do such strong, enthusiastic intentions become nothing more than depressing, deflated war stories?
For one, why do we wait until New Year’s to make these life altering decisions? Was someone or something stopping us before?  Do we honestly believe that we will magically transform into a smarter, faster, better version of ourselves when the
 lock strikes 12?
Or do we choose this time because we are trying to combat the REMORSE caused by gluttonous indulging, bingeing, breaking of habits and balance, during the holiday season? After all its our last hoorah to push blame elsewhere; the
spending,the eating, the drinking… “This isn’t me, these are not my real habits, I’ll get back to my best self after the New year”.  Or worse, have the past failed resolutions NOW become a repetitive habit, one that we have to break and continuously
fuel with more of the same resolutions.
And that’s exactly what we do!  With a vengeance our minds run wild with dreams and possibilities of what could be.   Our intentions are pure but, unfortunately, the excitement was created by remorse and motivated by emotions caused by an
Not only does timing play a part in our failure but resolutions fail because we think “Outside in”.  We think some external source like the gym, or a new job will change who we are. “ Other than your well-intentioned resolve to change, you’ve done
nothing to enhance your capacity to either sustain motivation or handle the inevitable stress and discomfort involved in change”.
Note that “resolve” is the action of “resolution”, yet many of us look to add to our plates or deprive ourselves of things instead of resolve; a healing or balancing process.
 Every year…Every year, as shown in the image below, its the same story.  Hundreds of articles talking about the failure
The question really is, are you a part of the majority of losers out there and how long do you want to stay there?  Have you done the research and the planning to give yourself a chance against such a cyclical and steady trend.
To win its about building something and feeling fulfilled while doing it, NOT, quickly trying to manifest something hidden in your brain and depriving/fighting yourself while doing so.

Start Here:

1. Start Small (one habit will help with another habit)
-ex: flossing, cleaning dishes after dinner, putting dirty clothes in hampers, drinking a glass of water every morning)
2.Build Self-Trust (forget letting others down, try not to let yourself down first, too many promises to yourself not kept might have you crying over a bag of frito-lays
– Fulfilling self-promises is an expression of your Integrity as a person
3. Invent Challenges ( if you don’t use it, you lose it)
– the “micro” challenge- constantly test and train your self discipline
-reps, get them in
4. Cultivate Optimism- This is a choice
5. Develop Critical Awareness
– Do you know when you slip into your “default setting”? (get out of going through the motions)
-Study Mindfulness
-Be cognizant of when “the lights go out”
Part Consciousness is becoming aware of when you are unconscious 
When you eat, when you drive, when you watch TV, when you are on your phone, in meetings….
-How often do you enter auto-pilot?
This is the key to working with focus and being productive
 This link dives into five steps in more detail:
Do what you wish with the idea
Article written by Thomas Pappalardo Jr.



Kathy’s Butternut squash black bean quesadilla!

– 4 cups of cubed butternut squash
-2 Tbs olive oil
-1 medium onion
-1 can black beans
-2 tbs of water
-1/2 tsp cumin
-1/2 tsp cayenne
-1/2 tsp oregano
– Salt and Pepper
-Burrito size tortillas (SUBSTITUTE-omelet (eggs) for tortilla for a gluten free)
– Cheese of your choice


1.Preheat oven to 400
2. Cut butternut squash into small cubes(or buy it pre- cut) toss 1 Tb of olive on the cubed squash. Then spread onto a baking sheet season with salt and pepper and place in oven for 20 minutes.
3. Slice one small onion place in pan with 1 tbs of olive oil and saute for 15 minutes. Put aside when done.
4. Get your Beans ready! Drain the liquid out of the can of black beans. Place them in a small pot with 2 tbs. of water. Season with Cumin,Cayenne pepper and oregano.
5. While that’s heating  get your tortillas out and cheese of your choice. I usually go with a Mexican blend or vegan cheese tastes just as good, or you can go dairy free!
6. Take squash out of oven and now it’s go time
7. Spray skillet with nonstick spray. Place tortilla on a skillet sprinkle the cheese on half. Then top with black beans, onions and squash. Fold in half and flip once the side heating is to your liking. Repeat as many times as needed.

8. Enjoy! Serve with some fresh guacamole or salsa

Thank you Kathy Carrigan for your great recipe!

Switch liFE do you wish to live?


If the switch is untouched the room remains dark, if the switch is stuck in the center, the room still has no light. 

The only time there is light is when you turn the switch on. 

The largest room is the room for improvement and if you want to light that room you’re going to have to turn on a couple switches. 

It takes quite a bit of power and energy to light that room but you’ll be able to see. 

There’s always a bigger opportunity and a greater perspective of where you can go you just need to turn on the switch to light the way. 






FEel better from the inside out!

Ever wonder if your MOO-d swings were related to what you eat?  Ever ask yourself why you feel so down after a meal abundant in wheat or dairy?

Here are a few articles and TED Talks to get that mind thinking in terms of healing your body in all ways! Healthy mind…healthy habits…healthier body!

Don’t let dairy depress your happy diary of life! Click here to read related article!


TED TALK what’s wrong with what we eat?