Don’t be afraid to start from SCRATCH


Something. Challenge. Responsibility. Adventure. Time. Connection. Home.

Something. just one thing to inspire you.

Challenge. A curiosity for a new challenge to use your innate and learned abilities.

Responsibility. A responsibility of being human, being a person in this world that can make a difference.

Adventure. Of course, adventure of the unknown the what if’s and the why nots?

Time. Everyone’s got it for now, but what are we going to do with the time that we have. What can we make of that time we are given.

Connection. If it weren’t for one. There I would stand as one. Enough said. Family, friends, strangers, people. Human power and kryptonite is the ability or inability to build a connection.

Home. We all have one that has made us who we are. Who has built the love or the resentment that got us making decisions for ourselves. Home where the heart is. You can look at this place in many ways, this sentence in two. Is your heart at home, your birth place, your stomping ground, your childhood, or is it with you in your heart; wherever you are now, wherever you decide to share your love. Whatever you continue to put your heart into. I choose to look at it this way after many years of thinking my heart was in the past. It’s currently in all I choose to put it in. My family, my business, my purpose, my love for animals and adventure, my love for finding true love. It’s with me and in those. Home is where you put your heart.

All life is made out of scratch
Always be willing to try your best again. To keep going at it, to keep starting from some point and knowing that if you do find yourself starting from scratch again, that it’s perfectly okay. Because that’s where all great things begin. And begin again. From S.C.R.A.T.C.H we all have our own defining moments of where scratch is. Some of us have been there more than once and this has built our character and our confidence to fight fear when fear arises and to instead choose curiosity in the challenge of where a new start takes us. Grateful for the lessons we have received from the years, moments, battles and decisions that have gotten us to a new scratch. A new scar is formed but over it a fresh new tougher skin, that’s ready to jump again. Ready to feel again, to love again, to commit again, to decide again even better and stronger and more vulnerable at the same time. Vulnerable with the zest of the same curiosity that got us here in the first place. Although this time it’s a little more energetic a little more positive, a little more seasoned. Experienced with who we are inside and what’s important to us and what we are made of. Resilience. Pure and raw resilience, back to instinct, back to grounding, closer to our natural state of being, safer. But safer only in the sense that we are more aware, more knowledgeable, more in love with understanding instead of blaming. Mature only in mind and still pouring out our inner child’s enthusiasm for adventure. And we find ourselves living again, loving again, being free again. SCRATCH. Everyone’s got it, that place deep inside, that place where ironically there was an untouched surface of being, a smooth virgin instinct, a natural unconditioned infant. A ground un-cracked, unbroken, untouched. A place where all dreams can stand tall without falling through. We have it, it’s still there, covered a bit, maybe a lot, but just blanketed. Blanketed by conditions, rules, pain and heart breaks. The only thing we forget to do sometimes is unveil that ground. When the blankets get too heavy and relentless we feel suffocated and begin to rip and tear at them, damn they are difficult to lift, but I can’t breathe, keep digging. We will be taught to dig, we will learn what blankets have been suffocating our peace, we will know what lies beneath through hurt, through pain, through challenge and curiosity, through self care and care for more. We will find our SCRATCH and begin again. In the end there is always a new beginning. Or is it what lies in our BEginnING lets us find our end. Maybe the end is just an end to blanketing who we always were. You will find your truth that sets you free. Don’t be afraid to start from SCRATCH.

This was mine in one sense at one time, a computer image stolen from clip art and a black and white image that stood for: I have no idea what I’ve gotten myself into all I know is that I want to learn the best I could to do my best at making people feel like a VIP. All it was, was a piece of SCRATCH. That now I would never have changed as I look forward to staying true to that same feeling I had to do my best.

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