How do you?

Let me preface this by saying as a fitness trainer these are questions we all hear from time to time because of our expertise and passion for fitness. I am by no means saying I am at my peak of fitness/optimal performance of a healthy lifestyle; I am simply sharing my experience and what I have personally learned so far and continue to seek to improve in mind and body and help others with a new perspective on health and goals.


How do you stay fit?

I move my body, and I open my mind. I fail, I seek to be better, I cry, I hate myself, I love myself, I lost, I gained, I fall again and I get up to learn what I have to do to stand taller and walk stronger.

What do you eat?

Food, anything that makes me feel good and healthy and sometimes that means spaghetti and meatballs. I don’t count calories, measure by cup or eat with my emotions any longer, I learned that makes me feel more out of control and brings on more stress in my own life more frequently than a one time binge. I know the foods that my body doesn’t like by listening to my body, bloating, headaches, fatigue and I know the foods that keeps me feeling light and energetic and mentally sound. My schedule doesn’t rule my meal plan, the plan to feel good runs my days of food, fun and movement. Food for me was an escape from anxiety and pity, it meant covering and burying whatever was taking away my taste of life. I have a much better relationship with food after seeking more mindset and confidence building books, being around healthy people and surrounding myself with positivity and most of all learning to leave/avoid a negative situation that may trigger a collapse of commitment to my confidence and focus.

What is your workout regimen?

I move depending on how my body wants to get into it that day, sure I am knowledgeable about the ways to move with resistance but some days the resistance of my couch was enough to make me struggle and so just getting up that day turning on music and playing around meant I got my workout in. In all of us there’s a diva, there’s an insecure little person, there’s a beautiful experiment of life waiting to happen, it’s just up to us how we respond to who comes out that day. And if we want that person to feel good throughout life we will listen to the deep pain, ache, love and sureness of that little voice who wants to grow and we will nurture it with activity and good nutrition instead of burying it under pity and pasts.
I am in the best health, mentally and physically I have ever been and in no means am I where I want to be. I’m not living in the place I want to live, I don’t have the relationships with some people I’d like to have, I still at times compare myself to others, I don’t have the financial status I desire, I don’t have as strong of faith that I would love to have, but I am the best I’ve ever been and because of my lifestyle and desire to be and because I care to make value of my life to others, tomorrow I will be better than the best I’ve ever been.

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