Resolutions: Wonderful Intentions gone wrong by Thomas Pappalardo Jr.

Resolutions: Wonderful Intentions gone wrong

Why is there an 80% failure rate for New Year’s resolutions? Why do such strong, enthusiastic intentions become nothing more than depressing, deflated war stories?
For one, why do we wait until New Year’s to make these life altering decisions? Was someone or something stopping us before?  Do we honestly believe that we will magically transform into a smarter, faster, better version of ourselves when the
 lock strikes 12?
Or do we choose this time because we are trying to combat the REMORSE caused by gluttonous indulging, bingeing, breaking of habits and balance, during the holiday season? After all its our last hoorah to push blame elsewhere; the
spending,the eating, the drinking… “This isn’t me, these are not my real habits, I’ll get back to my best self after the New year”.  Or worse, have the past failed resolutions NOW become a repetitive habit, one that we have to break and continuously
fuel with more of the same resolutions.
And that’s exactly what we do!  With a vengeance our minds run wild with dreams and possibilities of what could be.   Our intentions are pure but, unfortunately, the excitement was created by remorse and motivated by emotions caused by an
Not only does timing play a part in our failure but resolutions fail because we think “Outside in”.  We think some external source like the gym, or a new job will change who we are. “ Other than your well-intentioned resolve to change, you’ve done
nothing to enhance your capacity to either sustain motivation or handle the inevitable stress and discomfort involved in change”.
Note that “resolve” is the action of “resolution”, yet many of us look to add to our plates or deprive ourselves of things instead of resolve; a healing or balancing process.
 Every year…Every year, as shown in the image below, its the same story.  Hundreds of articles talking about the failure
The question really is, are you a part of the majority of losers out there and how long do you want to stay there?  Have you done the research and the planning to give yourself a chance against such a cyclical and steady trend.
To win its about building something and feeling fulfilled while doing it, NOT, quickly trying to manifest something hidden in your brain and depriving/fighting yourself while doing so.

Start Here:

1. Start Small (one habit will help with another habit)
-ex: flossing, cleaning dishes after dinner, putting dirty clothes in hampers, drinking a glass of water every morning)
2.Build Self-Trust (forget letting others down, try not to let yourself down first, too many promises to yourself not kept might have you crying over a bag of frito-lays
– Fulfilling self-promises is an expression of your Integrity as a person
3. Invent Challenges ( if you don’t use it, you lose it)
– the “micro” challenge- constantly test and train your self discipline
-reps, get them in
4. Cultivate Optimism- This is a choice
5. Develop Critical Awareness
– Do you know when you slip into your “default setting”? (get out of going through the motions)
-Study Mindfulness
-Be cognizant of when “the lights go out”
Part Consciousness is becoming aware of when you are unconscious 
When you eat, when you drive, when you watch TV, when you are on your phone, in meetings….
-How often do you enter auto-pilot?
This is the key to working with focus and being productive
 This link dives into five steps in more detail:
Do what you wish with the idea
Article written by Thomas Pappalardo Jr.

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