February was The Fit Love Movement!



February was month of The Fit Love Movement at Fitness Elite. Fitness Elite is a local Hillsborough personal training studio home of the Fitness Elite Training Team. The Fit Love Movement was created to bring support and spread awareness to the Steps-Together foundation. Steps-Together is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping families in a medical crisis. For $14 dollars donated to Steps-Together, the donor was able to challenge the Fitness Elite Training Team to an exercise of their choice. The goal of the “Spread the Fit-Love Movement” Challenge was to reach $1400 for the month of February. Fitness Elite ended up raising over $3400, but more importantly we succeeded at bringing awareness and created a movement for ongoing support.

For the month of March, FE is marching forward to conquer their fears publicly and inspire others to overcome their own! The Fitness Elite team will be going face to face with personal fears of live snakes, skydiving and more! The theme is FEar! “Face Everything and Rise!”

If you would like to become part of the Fit-Love Movement and see what the FE team is up to you can visit Fitness Elite Personal Training Studio on Facebook or stop by their location at 170 Township Line Rd (Building B), Hillsborough. You can continue to spread the love to your community and the Steps-Together families by going to Steps-Together.org.

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